10 Australian Retail Companies Accepting Cryptos

When Bitcoin was launched, it introduced a payment revolution. The popularity of cryptocurrency has been spiking for many years. Cryptocurrency is often seen as the future of currency, but using it to buy groceries, etc., is still a long way off. However, more and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Not only are many online retailers offering this, but a growing number of brick-and-mortar stores are accepting cryptocurrencies in Australia.

15,174 businesses accept bitcoin globally, and not only more giant corporations but several small businesses and online stores are also jumping on the bandwagon and accepting crypto as payment. Accepting cryptos as a payment helps expand the business at the international level. This will allow business owners to get payments internationally without paying hefty charges to banks for international transactions. Moreover, it saves merchants from paying credit card processing fees, usually between 3% and 4%. Cryptocurrencies also reduce the risk of fraud as they offer irreversible payments.

Among the industries most likely to adopt cryptocurrencies, retailers and luxury goods providers are excited about accepting crypto payments. Following are some of the retail businesses in Australia that accept crypto payments.

Online Retailers in Australia that accept Cryptos

1. Zumi

Zumi is an online electronics shop that sells a wide range of home goods, from low-end to high-end brands. It is one of the first stores in Australia that start accepting cryptocurrency. Customers can use bitpay to pay for their products with bitcoin.

2. Pet Parlour

Pet Parlour is an online shop for products and accessories for your pets. For its customer’s convenience, it offers multiple payment methods, which include cryptocurrency. They accept cryptos using Bitpay.

3. The living room of satoshi

It is an online shop that facilitates Australian customers in paying their electricity, mobile phone, and other bills using cryptocurrencies. Established in 2014, it provides a simple and secure way to pay your bills with a range of crypto coins, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and 

Litecoin, etc. 

Brick and Mortar stores IN Australia that accept Cryptos

4. BUDA Organic Foods

It is a small organic farm in the sunshine coast Hinterland that currently provides eggs to its customers. The business accepts crypto payments on its website and in person.

5. Jim’s Jerky

It is an Australian store that provides good quality jerky, biltongs, sausages, steaks, and other meat products to its customers. They provide delivery service in addition to pick-ups from their stores. The business takes direct debit payments with BTC.

6. Lugarno Pharmacy

Health businesses such as pharmacies and dental clinics have also made a significant share of accepting cryptocurrency payments. The pharmacy allows customers to buy vitamins, supplements, medicines, cosmetics and over-the-counter pills with crypto coins.

7. Babylikestopony

Shipping worldwide, this store provides woman accessories and body wear of high-end brands to its customers. The store offers a selection of fashion-focused products to fashion mongers. The business has started taking BTC for payments using Bitpay.

8. Realscope

Realscope is a skilled company that provides photography, drone, and video making for its real estate clients. Based in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, the real estate marketing company accepts several crypto coins in exchange for their services.

9. Quokka beds

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Quokka beds sell a range of beds, mattresses, bed bases, furniture, and many more to its customers. Located in Wangara, WA, the business accepts bitcoin and Litecoin for their sustainable beds.

10. Vera Chan

Vera Chan is a gift shop that sells beautiful handmade products. The shop is located in Melbourne and accepts bitcoin as payment on its website and physical store.



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